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Causes and remedies for sexual pain in women

Usually during the first intercourse, the girls get this disease due to various reasons like fear, shame, shyness etc. As a result, various muscles and pelvic floor contract automatically. In many cases, even if the vaginal opening is small, there may be pain during sexual intercourse. Anyway, today's event is about sexual pain and its treatment -
Reason:1) Muscle contraction due to fear, shame, contraction etc. due to mental reasons and this condition can occur due to it.
2) Many people have a small hole in the middle of the hymen can cause pain in the joint.
3) Many people may have an infection in the hymen or vagina, and this can cause pain.
4) If you are not aroused enough before intercourse, the secretion of cum juice from the vagina is not right. This can cause pain.

Treatment:* When a muscle contracts for a mental condition, it needs to be overcome by gradually stimulating it mentally.
* If the vaginal opening is small, the vagina should be dilated slowly with a dilator. Then gr…