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Nearby share-What is Nearby Share and How it works

What is Nearby share? How does Nearby share work?YaFlixSmartphones are a daily part of our lives, it can be said that nowadays we carry around a small powerful device, a small computer. With the help of this device we take pictures, make videos and share other files

However, the file sharing medium was actually a bit complicated, sharing with Bluetooth was also time consuming, and we had to use various third party applications to share files with Wafi.
Apple has their own file sharing tool AirDrop. And for Android file sharing, we used to use ShareIt, Xender, zaypa, MiDrop, Nitroshare etc. applications.

However, there were many problems in Android. Because, the applications were never optimized, again some applications were given a lot of ads.
Some applications have been accused of stealing information, such as stealing user data, which did not protect the file or the phone's privacy. And in many countries these Chinese applications are banned.

Android users have long been looking for …

VS Code Editor-Best 5 Extention for VS code editor Download Now!

Are you a web developer? Are you a programmer? Are you a web designer? Or no matter who you are, if you have coded, it may not be that you haven't heard the name of the VS code editor. Because it is a great free code editor. Which is also used by most big developers. Then why don't you use it? And if you have used it, today we will discuss five great extensions of VS code to make your use more fun. Using them will make your job much easier. So let's start without further ado.
Many of us know how to install extensions in VS code. And those who do not know they can install in the rules shown below.
To install the extension in VS code, first open your VS code. Then you will see an option like below in the sidebar.

If you click on the last option from here, you will get the option to install the extension. You can easily install the extension you need from there. Now what are those five extensions? Let's discuss what they do.
1. Live Server
This extension will be very useful fo…

ভিপিএস হোস্টিং-VPS for wordpress?

ভিপিএস হোস্টিং কি Finding the simplest VPS hosting Service for your WordPress are often daunting with numerous different competitors within the market. Only VPS isn’t even the simplest option for your needs. Literally your website has outgrown shared hosting doesn’t mean that you simply need a VPS hosting service. Basically VPS hosting stands for “Virtual Private Server Hosting.” VPS may be a self-regulating partition of a physical server. Hosting companies often create multiple virtual partitions of 1 physical server, so each site and files are often kept completely separate. VPS hosting works combining with the simplest of both shared and dedicated hosting. It gives you more control and buy at a lower cost than a true dedicated server.

VPS For Wordpress Advantages of VPS Hosting Service
Security and Control– If you've got your own virtual server you'll be the administrator and have administrator access. you'll install any necessary software and plugins and customize your…

What is IDM? Uses of IDM

Internet Download Manager could even be a shareware download manager owned by American company Tonec, Inc. which is predicated in ny City. it's only available for the Microsoft Windows OS . Internet Download Manager could even be a tool to manage and schedule downloads. It can use full bandwidth A download manager could even be a program that creates downloading files faster, easier, and more reliable. most of the people don't need a download manager, but under the proper circumstances such software are often very useful. ... First, a download manager helps you prioritize, schedule, and organize your downloads . The remote server divides it's total bandwidth to the number of connections thereto . So, multiple connections to the server confirm that the entire bandwidth you're tapping could even be a sum of these divided bandwidths thus removing another bottleneck. it's generally observed that Internet Download Manager (IDM) is quicker in downloading as compared to …


What is gues blogging Guest blogging, additionally referred to as “guest posting,” is that the act of writing content for one more company’s web site. Generally, guest bloggers write for similar blogs inside their business so as to:

Attract traffic back to their web site

Boost their domain authority exploitation external links to high-authority domains

Increase their complete credibleness and awareness, and

Build relationships with peers in their business.

Almost invariably, guest blogging offers mutual advantages for each the guest blogger and also the web site hosting the guest content. In alternative words, guest blogging could be a street — thus once you commit to get on the guest blogging bandwagon, you must take into account that includes posts by guest bloggers on your own web site, too.
Why Is Guest Blogging necessary For Your Business?
Guest blogging offers variety of advantages for any business. By sharing your experience on alternative companies’ websites, you'll estab…


Almost all of us have a website, then it means that the medium of self-expression is the website, but the most difficult thing to make a website is to make the website available to everyone.bangla Tips and tricks click hereBecause if you can't reach your website to everyone then your website will not rank and will not be popular with everyone.That's why SEO is the most popular medium!With SEO, you can search and bring your website and make your website popular by highlighting its needs in the search results.But the biggest problem is that we can't do SEO well which is why not all of our website keywords are indexed by Google. And not everyone can come up with search results.If your website is not a good ACO then you will not get Google AdSense approval. So today we will learn how to get your website automatically indexed by Google.We will index the WordPress website Google, to make WordPress a popular medium website.To make WordPress website TS, you first need to get a plu…

Stop Copying In Blogger

Tthere are many people who say to stop copying content on Blogger. There are many ways to stop copying on Blogger, of which I will show two mediums today.
1. Using JavaScript,
2. Using Css.

Using JavaScript:
1. After logging in to Blogger, click on the “Layout” option,

2. There, click on “Add a Gadget”,

3. Click on “HTML / JavaScript”,

4. Leave “Title” blank or write something and copy the code from below and paste it in the place of “Code”. Or download from here

if (typeof document.onselectstart! = "undefined") document.onselectstart = new Function ("return false"); } else document.onmousedown = new Function ("return false"); document.onmouseup = new Function ("return false"); } <br /> <br />

5. Click Save.

Now check your blog, whether the text is selected or not !? If not selected, then what will be the copy! Now, many people can turn off JavaScript in their browser, which may not work. But now almost all JavaScript is turned on b…

How to Encrypt Files, Folders and Drives on Windows 10

One of the simplest ways to guard your privacy is to encrypt important information on your computer. Whether you would like to send personal information to someone, or just want to form sure that nobody who gets access to your computer can see stuff you'd rather keep private, encryption is that the thanks to go.

Now let’s mention when to use the three sorts of encryption that you simply can use:

Individual file encryption
Folder encryption
Hard drive / Disk encryption
Individual file encryption
As the name implies, individual file encryption refers to encrypting one file at a time. Each file has its own password or key.

Individual file encryption is great for files you propose to share or store within the cloud. Windows 10 users can encrypt individual files employing a tool like 7-zip. you'll also encrypt individual Microsoft Office files from within their apps, although this is often better suited to casual person use than protection against serious adversaries.