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Nearby share-What is Nearby Share and How it works


What is Nearby share? How does Nearby share work?


Smartphones are a daily part of our lives, it can be said that nowadays we carry around a small powerful device, a small computer. With the help of this device we take pictures, make videos and share other files

However, the file sharing medium was actually a bit complicated, sharing with Bluetooth was also time consuming, and we had to use various third party applications to share files with Wafi.

Apple has their own file sharing tool AirDrop. And for Android file sharing, we used to use ShareIt, Xender, zaypa, MiDrop, Nitroshare etc. applications.

However, there were many problems in Android. Because, the applications were never optimized, again some applications were given a lot of ads.

Some applications have been accused of stealing information, such as stealing user data, which did not protect the file or the phone's privacy. And in many countries these Chinese applications are banned.

Android users have long been looking for an easy way to share files from one device to another.

Apple was able to share files on their devices in a very easy way where Android was far behind.

Then Google developers came up with a simple method after working for many years. They invented a way to connect all the Android users together.

Originally they wanted to bring an easy way to all Android community so that all Android users can share files safely.

Then a few days ago Google launched their own file sharing system Nearby share.

What is Nearby share?

Nearby share is an Android feature that allows one Android user to share files with another Android user without any application.

The Nearby share feature will be available for free to all users from Android version 6.0.

With this method, an Android user can easily share another user's instant photos, links, videos and any other file instantly with the people around him.

And it will protect the privacy of any file through end to end encryption. As a result, everything will be safe when sharing a user's data.

How does Nearby share works

Nearby share can work both online and offline.

First you need to turn on the Nearby share feature from your settings.

When one user shares, another user's feature needs to be enabled.

Then selecting Nearby share from a file share will notify other users, then they will accept it.

Whoever shares their devices will be seen in the share list, then the user whose device will share will be able to receive the file.

Nearby share then automatically chooses the best protocol for quick and easy transfers using Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or Peer-to-Peer WiFi and thus the file is shared.

A user can share files with another user even when they are completely offline.

(After the file is shared, the files are in the phone's download folder)

How to turn on Nearby share feature?

This feature is hidden in Android.

You will find the option in the notification panel of your phone

If not, you need to turn it on from the settings.

Enter the phone settings.

From there go to Google Options.

After going to Google, select the Device Connections option.

There you can see the Nearby share feature.

Go there and enable it

Now you can make the setting as per your choice.

If you share files online, you will need a WiFi or data connection, and you will need bandwidth to share files at 2 o'clock. This will cost you data if you are a data user.

And if you want to share files offline, choose the Without internet option.

This will not cost your mobile data.

However, I will recommend, you select the Without Internet option and use Nearby share

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