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Asterisks PBS System




Asterisk is the software-based PBX system, it is an open source exchange server. It was

developed by Mark Spencer in 1999. Asterisk can turn an ordinary computer into a

communication server.


 It is used by every type of business whether it is big or small, in

any sector like customer centers educational institutes, government officials worldwide.


There are millions of Asterisk PBX systems deployed around the globe. It is the software

based solution of the Legacy PBX systems with more rich features like

1. voicemail,

2. ring

3. groups

4. conference calling

5. IVR menu, parking and paging etc.

It permits user to call each other on same technology and also with other telephone systems 

such as Public switched telephone network (PSTN), GSM and Voice over internet protocol 



Asterisk is compatible with Linux Operating system and can also be installed on a virtual

environment on Microsoft Windows with the help of VMWare. 

Asterisk is more compatible and easier to setup and configure than other VoIP PBX solutions, it 

can be setup with low cost and have large scalability factor because it is compatible with all

hardware like Linksys, grand stream, Obi and different technologies.


 It is easy and quick to configure with the facility of GUI rather than writing command lines in 

CLI mode. GUI provides a user-friendly environment with some technical knowledge. Asterisk 

works with VoIP technology but it can be integrated with PSTN and GSM and can also work

with the Legacy Hardware like Analog Phones and Analog PBX’s with the help of

Gateways which lowers the scalability cost in any business environment. It also provides

mobility to the users with softphone android applications as Smartphones are very

common, so user can be connected anywhere with the office IP PBX.


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