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Hacking Games with Cheat Engine

Hacking Games with Cheat Engine

In this century we all love to play games. Especially in video games. And while playing sometimes we wonder if we could hack thegame. Yes, it is possible with a cheat engine. Today I am going todiscuss how to use this tool.
 What is a cheat engine?
A cheat engine is a tool that can overwrite of an application andmodify it. It is mostly used for modifying games. It can modify alltypes of offline games. Is it a virus?No, it is not a virus. A PC Cheat engine works like the same as virus works. As a result,sometimes your device may consider it a virus. I am ensuring you that it is not a virus. For more information on how it works Google it. You will learn everything about this valuable tool. Is it work on Online games? I am extremely sorry to say that it does not work on any online games. It works only on offline games. You can use it on any browser game also. Does it work on Roblox? Roblox is a hosted Online gaming platform. And as I said before the cheat …

গুগল সার্চ ইঞ্জিন আপডেট [Updates about google search engine]

Google is going to improve the search service. That is why they will bring some changes. The focus will be on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to provide users with improved search results.According to technology media outlet The Verge, Google's 'Search On' event has revealed its plans to improve Google search. The main part of that plan is a new tool for spell checking.Google says that after applying the new spell checking tool, even if someone searches by typing the wrong spelling, the chances of getting the correct result will be much higher than it is now. Many users occasionally misspell something while searching for something. But after launching a new tool of Google spell checking, the user will get the correct result even if he misspells.Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Google's search department, said, "Google has never seen 15 percent of the queries in Google searches every day. As a result, we have to constantly work on search re…

Causes and remedies for sexual pain in women

Usually during the first intercourse, the girls get this disease due to various reasons like fear, shame, shyness etc. As a result, various muscles and pelvic floor contract automatically. In many cases, even if the vaginal opening is small, there may be pain during sexual intercourse. Anyway, today's event is about sexual pain and its treatment -
Reason:1) Muscle contraction due to fear, shame, contraction etc. due to mental reasons and this condition can occur due to it.
2) Many people have a small hole in the middle of the hymen can cause pain in the joint.
3) Many people may have an infection in the hymen or vagina, and this can cause pain.
4) If you are not aroused enough before intercourse, the secretion of cum juice from the vagina is not right. This can cause pain.

Treatment:* When a muscle contracts for a mental condition, it needs to be overcome by gradually stimulating it mentally.
* If the vaginal opening is small, the vagina should be dilated slowly with a dilator. Then gr…

Use mobile for webcam[Mobile to windows webcam]

Many of us use computer or laptop webcams to make video calling, online classes or YouTube videos. Again many times you may have to use a webcam for emergency work. But not everyone has a webcam anymore.
 Use mobile for webcam
If you have an Android phone, you can save on the cost of buying a separate webcam. Sounds weird? Today I will show you how you can use your Android phone as a computer webcam.
In this process, the video will be streamed to the camera of the mobile and will go to a specific port of the computer. A computer software will show it as a webcam video. It may sound a little difficult to hear. But it’s a lot easier than playing pubji.
Here we will discuss two ways to use mobile as a webcam. I hope there will be no problem in understanding.
মাধ্যমে Via USB
জন্য To use the webcam via USB, you need to download the mobile app of Dev4Apps. "DroidCam Wireless Version" Click here to download the app from the Play Store.
ঢ Enter your favorite browser on the computer and go …

Nearby share-What is Nearby Share and How it works

What is Nearby share? How does Nearby share work?YaFlixSmartphones are a daily part of our lives, it can be said that nowadays we carry around a small powerful device, a small computer. With the help of this device we take pictures, make videos and share other files

However, the file sharing medium was actually a bit complicated, sharing with Bluetooth was also time consuming, and we had to use various third party applications to share files with Wafi.
Apple has their own file sharing tool AirDrop. And for Android file sharing, we used to use ShareIt, Xender, zaypa, MiDrop, Nitroshare etc. applications.

However, there were many problems in Android. Because, the applications were never optimized, again some applications were given a lot of ads.
Some applications have been accused of stealing information, such as stealing user data, which did not protect the file or the phone's privacy. And in many countries these Chinese applications are banned.

Android users have long been looking for …

Asterisks PBS System

ASTERISK PBX SYSTEMSINTRODUCTION:Asterisk is the software-based PBX system, it is an open source exchange server. It wasdeveloped by Mark Spencer in 1999. Asterisk can turn an ordinary computer into acommunication server.USE: It is used by every type of business whether it is big or small, inany sector like customer centers educational institutes, government officials worldwide.DEPLOYMENT:There are millions of Asterisk PBX systems deployed around the globe. It is the softwarebased solution of the Legacy PBX systems with more rich features like1. voicemail,2. ring3. groups4. conference calling5. IVR menu, parking and paging etc.It permits user to call each other on same technology and also with other telephone systems such as Public switched telephone network (PSTN), GSM and Voice over internet protocol (VoIP).COMPATABILITY:Asterisk is compatible with Linux Operating system and can also be installed on a virtualenvironment on Microsoft Windows with the help of VMWare. Asterisk is more …