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What is web design?

Web design means determining what a website will look like or what it will look like in general. Your job as a web designer will be to create a complete web site template. For example, what will be the layout of it. Where there will be a menu in the header, whether there will be a sidebar, how to display the images, etc. In other words, it is the job of the web designer to determine how the information will be displayed, regardless of what the website information will be and where it will be stored. And to determine this design you need to use some programming, scripting language and markup language.

Why learn web design?

In our country, people do not ask questions like 'Which job will I learn' or 'What job can I do' but say 'How easy will I earn' or 'How much money will I earn by learning it'. Web design is not for those who think about how much to earn or how to earn overnight. Although web design is one of the top earning professions but if you want to keep the income in mind then I would say web design is not for you. Such professions as web design, graphic design or programming are actually for those who want to do something creative and find themselves in their own work. Since web design is rich in coding and programming and it is not possible to do programming without the addiction of programming, such work is only for those who are attracted to this work. But the reality is that once you learn, you can earn good money from any other profession here.

What to learn?

Web design is done using a variety of languages ​​and scripts, depending on the different perspectives, and is first determined using Photoshop. The most widely used of these are discussed below -

HTML: HTML is a markup language. What the browser sees on a site's viewer is determined by HTML. It is not a programming language, but much easier than any programming. It's so simple that any ordinary person who doesn't want to learn programming can learn HTML with a smile. For example, if we want to display a paragraph, we have to write it.

<p> This is a paragraph </p>

This means that the text ‘This is a paragraph’ will be displayed as a paragraph in the Tuko browser.

CSS: This is also a markup language. This determines what the browser will look like when the content is displayed in HTML. That is how big the font will be. How much space will be left next. What will be the distance from one text to another, what will be its color, what will be the background, even animations can be added to the content with the latest CSS3. For example, we previously wrote an HTML paragraph. Now, if we want, we can redden the text of that paragraph with the following code.

p {color: red;

JavaScript / JQuery: These two are basically a bit closer to the programming language. Basically, two things work the same, but JQuery is a form of JavaScript that makes it much easier to use JavaScript on the site. And their job is to make the site interactive. In other words, if the visitor clicks on a button, the menu will open. Or if you submit a form, it will show a confirmation message, etc.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. However experience in such work is an ongoing process. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

Where to work?

The Freelance Marketplace offers thousands of web design and front-end web development jobs, and the competition is relatively low but the demand is high. So you will get the job easily and the price of such work is also high. A typical freelancer's hourly rate is ড 2, but a web designer's hourly rate is ১০ 10 or শুরু 12 in the beginning. However, many people think that if you learn web design or development, you just have to do freelance and if you don't, then the income stops. For them, there are many markets like and web templates and web elements that can be sold at very good prices. In this case, you can sell your designed template many times and if the quality is good, you can continue with the income of one template per month.

The bottom line is that becoming a web designer or developer requires a lot of patience and time, as well as re-learning is a high-paying and respectable profession.


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