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List of Best FTP Servers BD.

 List of Best FTP Servers BD.

As I said before, this post is for broadband users only! Today the topic of our writing is high speed ftp server bd, broadband users will see in the advertisement of net package, especially it is written that the speed of Youtube and the speed of FTP server is different. For example, in the package of 5Mbps, the speed of Youtube and FTP server is 20/30 Mbps. An FTP server is a folder on your ISP's server computer where they upload movies, series, songs, games, software, etc. of their choice. For those who are heavyweight users, it is difficult to imagine a day without a BDIX movie server.

At present all ISPs in the country have the facility of BDIX server. BDIX Server is to make the FTP server of every single ISP in the country available to all broadband users in the country. This means you can use Link3's FTP server without being a Link3 user. However, some ISPs have BDIX external servers which are in exclusive format. Remember, an FTP server is much better than a torrent. Because if you want to download something from the native torrentbd, but if you do not have the seed, but you will not get any speed. But if you want to download something from FTP server, Seed / Leech does not have a headache with these.

What is BDIX?

The full form of this is Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange. Now suppose your ISP or your internet service provider has at least 1 FTP server. No matter how fast you take the net connection from this server, you can download the files from that server at a very fast speed. Now all the high level ISPs or major ISPs of Bangladesh have created BDIX in this way. In other words, suppose 100 ISPs in Bangladesh have created BDIX, then if your ISP has BDIX supported, then you can download from the BDIX server at high speed from the FTP servers of those 100 ISPs. Suppose you spend a lot of time visiting your friend's house. Went there and saw your friend browsing the site Then you will think it is a kind of site again! In fact, it is a BDIX FTP server.

BDIX Server BD

As far as I know, there are about 111 BDIX FTP public servers in the country. But you will not need 111. If you get regular updates, you will get movies, songs, software, games everything on only 1/2 server. Below is a list of some of the best BDIX FTP servers in the country and with short reviews. Also 111 means I will search all BDIX FTP servers. Don't be disappointed.

Best BDIX Server List BD

1. Circle FTP Server

Circle FTP Server is the best server in the country in my personal opinion! Those who have access to or can use this server. The best server guys because not only the latest movies, series, software, games are available here. Rather user requests are most accepted on this site. If you post anything on their Facebook group except adult and Bangladeshi content, you will see that all your requested movies / series / games have been uploaded to the server within an hour. I remember the only server on this server at the time of the release of Call of Duty Warzone 100+ GB game backup within 3 hours of the game release! There are 3 servers in the circle,, ftp2, and, you can understand these by visiting their site. Enter directly and go to the main site.

 2. Server

Ebox Live List of Best FTP server bd Only user request option is not here so I could not take it in 1st place. But except for this, this server is up-to-date and always quite strict! You will get all the latest movies, documentaries, games, software, TV series, even if something new is released here, the set will be updated on the server within 1/2 day! Do a Google search for the movie server bd and you will not find this excellent site. Also the site is sorted with direct folders so you will get a lot of benefits to find specific items. For example, you want to download the 2017 masterpiece Tumbbad movie. Go to Movies> Bollywood> 2018> Tumbbad folder!

3. BossBD FTP Server

Boss BD FTP Server For those who prefer a server with a simple minimalist design, I would suggest Boss BD. There is no heavy design on this site. The site has been designed directly with the folders of the server. You will find the latest movies and series here. However, I did not find the latest in games and software. Unfortunately, there is no user request section here.

4. Net @ Home

Net @ Home FTP for those who do not support any of the above 2 servers can test this Net @ Home server. Although the latest movies and series are available, there is a lack of games and software on the server. And there is no user request option and at the same time it is a little late to get the latest movie on this server.

5. Sam Online FTP BD

Sam Online is one of the top BDIX servers in Bangladesh. He can be called the godfather of the server. What's not in it? It includes everything from latest movies, TV series, web series, video games, PC / Mac / Linux software, documentary live TV. And you will notice that there are several other FTP servers that have copied Sam's design online, but they are not even close to Sam's in terms of content quality. However, after having so much reputation, Sam took Lee online The reason for keeping the store down is its availability. Many do not have access to Sam because it is a little exclusive server. And those who have access will not need to visit any other server.

6. MangoGamers FTP Gaming Server BD

OMangoGamers is the largest and only gaming dedicated BDIX FTP server in the country. You may not get all the games on torrent but you will find almost all the games released on this server since 1990. Understand that this is only PC / Android gaming related server. And the good thing is that there is also an option for user request. Unfortunately, the speed of this server is relatively low from many ISPs. It is one of the best PC game download server in FTP Server BD list.


This ​​FTPBD can try for those whose circles and eBooks don't work anymore. Get the latest everything here. There are also games and software. However, there is no user request like the circle here. It also has an online TV service.

8. Alphamediazone

I got the speed of this server in my ISP but I couldn't put it at the beginning of the list. Because there is nothing to say about the latest update here. I didn't even see anything on the site after 2019, there is nothing of 2020 here. However, you can use the site as an old archive if you have access to it.


Another nice server if you have access. Even if you get the latest everything, I think the site is uploaded 2/4 times a month!

10. BongoBD Content on Demand

If you look at the FTP Servers, you will see that there is no Bangladeshi content in them, and even if there is, it is very old (before 2006.) because the BDIX servers have a rule that nothing Bangladeshi can be given. However, officially on BongoBD server you will get all Bangladeshi dramas, movies etc., BongoBD server is only a server centered on Bangladeshi content. Bongo BD is a content-on-demand based service, here you may have to pay a subscription fee, as is the case with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu networks.


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