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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Stop Copying In Blogger

Tthere are many people who say to stop copying content on Blogger. There are many ways to stop copying on Blogger, of which I will show two mediums today.
1. Using JavaScript,
2. Using Css.

Using JavaScript:
1. After logging in to Blogger, click on the “Layout” option,

2. There, click on “Add a Gadget”,

3. Click on “HTML / JavaScript”,

4. Leave “Title” blank or write something and copy the code from below and paste it in the place of “Code”. Or download from here

if (typeof document.onselectstart! = "undefined") document.onselectstart = new Function ("return false"); } else document.onmousedown = new Function ("return false"); document.onmouseup = new Function ("return false"); } <br /> <br />

5. Click Save.

Now check your blog, whether the text is selected or not !? If not selected, then what will be the copy! Now, many people can turn off JavaScript in their browser, which may not work. But now almost all JavaScript is turned on by default.

Using css:
1. After logging in to Blogger, click on “Theme”,

2. From there, click on “Edit HTML”,

3. Find the Css part from there, then copy the code given below (or download from here) in the middle of “body {}”, then click on Save.
body {user-select: none! important; -moz-user-select: -moz-none! important; -webkit-user-select: none! important; -ms-user-select: none! important; } .post-body blockquote, .post-body pre, .post-body code {user-select: text! important; -webkit-user-select: text! important; -ms-user-select: text! important; -moz-user-select: text! important; } <br /> <br />

Diameter work is done. Now no text can be selected in your blogger, no copy.
If there is any problem, there is a comment box, and thanks for reading the post with so much effort.

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