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Sunday, August 9, 2020


Almost all of us have a website, then it means that the medium of self-expression is the website, but the most difficult thing to make a website is to make the website available to everyone.

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Because if you can't reach your website to everyone then your website will not rank and will not be popular with everyone.

That's why SEO is the most popular medium!

With SEO, you can search and bring your website and make your website popular by highlighting its needs in the search results.

But the biggest problem is that we can't do SEO well which is why not all of our website keywords are indexed by Google. And not everyone can come up with search results.

If your website is not a good ACO then you will not get Google AdSense approval. So today we will learn how to get your website automatically indexed by Google.

We will index the WordPress website Google, to make WordPress a popular medium website.

To make WordPress website TS, you first need to get a plugin. You can get the plugin from the admin panel of WordPress, named Google XML Sitemap Generator. (Google xml Sitemap) Install and activate the plugin.

Then go to settings and click on configuration, just save and do not need to do anything. Now add sitemap.xml at the end of your website name by clicking on your web site sitemap from Google search console.

Now the whole work is over. Now all your posts will be automatically indexed by Google within 24 hours by automatically scoring a goal from Google. You don't have to do anything else, you just post regularly on your website and the posts will be automatically added to the search results index in Google search results.

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So friends this was our topic today stay with us to get the next tips.

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