Stop Copying In Blogger

Tthere are many people who say to stop copying content on Blogger. There are many ways to stop copying on Blogger, of which I will show two mediums today.
1. Using JavaScript,
2. Using Css.

Using JavaScript:
1. After logging in to Blogger, click on the “Layout” option,

2. There, click on “Add a Gadget”,

3. Click on “HTML / JavaScript”,

4. Leave “Title” blank or write something and copy the code from below and paste it in the place of “Code”. Or download from here

if (typeof document.onselectstart! = "undefined") document.onselectstart = new Function ("return false"); } else document.onmousedown = new Function ("return false"); document.onmouseup = new Function ("return false"); } <br /> <br />

5. Click Save.

Now check your blog, whether the text is selected or not !? If not selected, then what will be the copy! Now, many people can turn off JavaScript in their browser, which may not work. But now almost all JavaScript is turned on b…

How to Encrypt Files, Folders and Drives on Windows 10

One of the simplest ways to guard your privacy is to encrypt important information on your computer. Whether you would like to send personal information to someone, or just want to form sure that nobody who gets access to your computer can see stuff you'd rather keep private, encryption is that the thanks to go.

Now let’s mention when to use the three sorts of encryption that you simply can use:

Individual file encryption
Folder encryption
Hard drive / Disk encryption
Individual file encryption
As the name implies, individual file encryption refers to encrypting one file at a time. Each file has its own password or key.

Individual file encryption is great for files you propose to share or store within the cloud. Windows 10 users can encrypt individual files employing a tool like 7-zip. you'll also encrypt individual Microsoft Office files from within their apps, although this is often better suited to casual person use than protection against serious adversaries.

Folder encryption